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Discover Playdead Studios' Puzzle-Platformer: Limbo

Limbo is a puzzle-platform video game and the premiere title of independent Danish game developer Playdead Studios. The player controls the boy for the entire game. As is typical of most two-dimensional platform games, the player can make the boy run left or right on the screen, jump, climb up short ledges or up and down ladders and ropes, and push or pull objects. The developer built the game's puzzles expecting the player to fail before finding the correct solution. Playdead called the style of play "trial and death", and used visually gruesome imagery for the boy's deaths to steer the player from unworkable solutions...

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Girl in canopy with strung up lights playing VR
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VR Treadmill Startup Virtuix Nears $14M in Crowd Investments

Virtuix, the company behind the Omni VR treadmill, launched a crowd-based investment campaign late last year to support the launch of Virtuix Omni One, an at-home VR locomotion device for consumers. Now, with only 10 days left in the campaign, Virtuix has attracted around $13.5 million from individual investors looking to get a piece of the company. Omni One is a consumer version of the Omni that Virtuix says is optimized for home use, including a light frame, foldable body for easy storage, and a freedom of movement that boasts walking, running, crouching and jumping. All of this is done by moving your feet on a low-friction parabolic surface that requires special low-friction shoes...

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5 Underrated Tips in Rocket League for 2021
Two players playing Rocket League together

Playing in a tournament environment helps build a tolerance to high levels of stress and pressure. The more resistant you are, the more goals you will keep out of your net. The one thing that causes a team to let a goal in is pressure. High stakes, fast gameplay, and hard opponents are the main causes of pressure. The more experience and exposure you get in environments like this will let you improve overall as a player. Leagues such as Indy Gaming League (IGL) is a great place to start. Another good option is playing RL6Mans. All of these options let you get that tournament experience without any real consequences of losing the matches. This makes them great places for aspiring pro players...

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The Ultimate Guide to Video Game Level Design
Pixel characters jumping around on platforms over blue background

Much in the way that creating an entire experience is important for a restaurant, getting the core of a video game to show through in all aspects is imperative for good level design. To unpack the metaphor, let’s imagine that story, character design, and gameplay are the “food.” Level design is the restaurant itself. Like restaurants, video game design is a package deal. The whole product doesn’t shine if only one part of it is worth anyone’s time. This guide will take a look at a basic framework you can follow to streamline your level design. It will serve as a great tool to get you started and keep you on track in your level design journey. When you take the time to make a great level, it will make the journey you send players on that much better...

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Night in the Woods cat character standing in front of statue in graveyard
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Video Game Storytelling: How to Write Engaging Stories & Captivate Your Audience

Coming up with a story is a deceptively complex challenge. You’re developing a game and your game needs a story. Ok, you’ll just go ahead and whip up a story then! Sounds easy, right? If only the task was that simple… Creating a story people will enjoy is no small feat, but we’ve put together this little three-section guide to make it easier for you. You won’t come away from this guide with a fleshed-out story, but you’ll have plenty of solid advice to keep in mind while you do your writing. Characters are extremely important. You can have one character or you can have twenty characters–the number doesn’t matter, but you shouldn’t make the decision arbitrarily. Characters need to advance the plot in some way. They need to bring something to the table...

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Character Development

Meat Boy, a red, rectangular character with cheeky grin holding thumbs up
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Video Game Design 101: Tips & Tricks from a Pro Illustrator

Character creation is your chance to let your imagination run wild. If you already have ideas, it’s easy to hit the ground running. If you don’t have ideas….well…. That can be a different story. We’ve put together a brief beginner’s guide to tutorials that will help you create characters. Some offer ideas for finding inspiration, others offer sound advice for developing technique or workflow. We recently had an opportunity to sit down with a freelance illustrator who’s working on a hush-hush indie game right now. Now, she doesn’t have a full-blown tutorial for us, but she does have some tips and “guiding questions” she uses to create and inform her own characters...

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Little Nightmares Objectives
Gamer in all black and blue face paint magically floating Xbox controller

This Little Nightmares walkthrough and guide covers all five areas of the game, the Secrets of the Maw DLC, as well as the collectibles you can pick up along the way. In addition to the detailed Little Nightmares written walkthrough linked below, we’ve also added a video walkthrough and Little Nightmares PC requirements at the bottom of this guide. While Little Nightmares is a fairly simple game in the same vein as Limbo and Inside (although made by a different developer), there’s still a decent amount of strategy that goes into the title. Take a look at these tips below to help get you started as you dig into our Little Nightmares guide...

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VR.EDU Haptic Controller Functions
Two hands modeling white haptic controllers with wires connecting finger clips to dorsal plates

VR.EDU will change the way students learn and engage in their educational development by taking the learning material from their textbooks and sending them right to it for a fully immersive and interactive experience they will never forget. Students will use special hand controllers to interact with the 3D space. The controllers will sit on the back of each hand and will thread across each of their fingers, eliminating the risk of thrown controllers and allowing for ultimate sensitivity. The level of sensitivity these controllers provides allows students to reach an unprecedented level of interaction with the 3D space. For example, they could use simple grabbing motions to climb with their hands...

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Escape from Space Prison

Escape from Space Prison Protagonist - blue and purple watercolor alien with a long tail and wavy hair

You are an alien of importance in the macrocosm. Once, that meant great power and respect, but now you have been framed for stealing the essence that keeps the universe balanced and at peace. You are locked away inside an impenetrable fortress - an entire planet dedicated to keeping evil forces locked up forever. Against all odds, an inconceivably powerful magnet flies within range of the prison planet and wipes all the power, opening the gates and initiating a massive prison break. Now is your chance to escape - but to do so, you must battle your way through an army of guards, avoid traps, and find an aircraft to escape on. If you do make it out alive, you'll be hunted as the most wanted prisoner alive. The only path to survival will be to prove your innocence by returning the essence to its rightful place and restoring the universe's prosperity. If you are to have any chance of defeating the one who framed you and retrieving the essence, you must face a series of battles against evil forces on strange planets to gather all the powers and materials necessary to eliminating such a unique enemy as yours...a black hole.

Painting of teal and gray spaceship with rings